AvantGuild: Will Twitter Followers Become Book Readers?


By Neal Comment

Back in January, mediabistro.com ran an article on blogging to promote your book; now Jen A. Miller has written an article for the site about microblogging to raise your profile as an author. On the advice of a marketing consultant, Miller created a Twitter account before The Jersey Shore: Atlantic City to Cape May came out. “Since then,” she says, “I’ve gained almost 200 followers, doubled my blog traffic, Twittered about being caught in a nor’easter… that was then linked to on local media blogs, and even driven to a fellow Twitterer’s office to sell her a copy of my book.” She also hears from other writers with similar success stories, with the usual caveat that you don’t go in there to hard-sell the book—as with any of these online tools, as I’ve noted all along, you use the tools to demonstrate that you have something compelling to say, and let people discover your book through discovering you.

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