Archie Comics Announces That Jughead Jones Identifies as Asexual

By Maryann Yin Comment

Jughead 200 GalleyCatArchie Comics has announced that Jughead “Forsythe” Jones identifies as asexual. The character’s sexual orientation was confirmed in the Jughead No. 4 issue.

Here’s more from Vulture: “In other words, he’s a person who isn’t sexually attracted to other people — a kind of sexual identity that’s rarely depicted in popular fiction. But when writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Erica Henderson were tasked with helping Archie’s companywide reboot of its classic characters, they opted to subtly take a stand and add a new facet to a long-established property.”

According to Comic Book Resources, the creatives at Archie Comics have historically written Jughead Jones as someone who is not interested in romantic relationships. The new comic book was released on Feb. 10. (via The Globe and Mail)