Apple Reveals New Version of iBooks & iBooks Author

By Jason Boog Comment

Alongside the long-expected iPad Mini, Apple revealed a new version of iBooks today, counting 400 million eBook downloads since the launch of iBooks.

AppNewser has more: “The new version has continuous scrolling, is better integrated with iCloud, has better sharing tools, and supports more than 40 languages.”

What do you think about the changes? LibraryThing founder¬†Tim Spalding asked a good question on Twitter: “Do people WANT continuous scrolling on iBooks? Strikes me that pages are simpler, and provide a certain rhythm.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook added some iBooks stats: “iBooks textbooks created with iBooks Author are now available for 2500 schools in the U.S..” The new edition of iBooks Author released today will let publishers embed their own fonts in a digital book, use multi-touch widgets to make more complex books and create more complex¬†mathematical equations in books.