Amazon Donates $5,000 for The Stranger’s Literature Genius Award

By Maryann Yin Comment

Amazon donated a $5,000 to fund The Stranger Genius Foundation‘s annual literature award.

The organization gives Genius Awards every year to five Seattle-based artists working in the fields of literature, theater, film, music, and visual art.

The winners of all five awards will be revealed in August and an awards ceremony will be held in September. Past winners in the literature category include Matt Briggs, Sherman Alexie, and Stacey Levine.

Here’s more from the release: “In 2010, The Stranger combined forces with Shunpike, providing the Genius Foundation with a nonprofit umbrella for individual and corporate donations. The Genius Foundation is accepting donations for all five Genius Awards. These donations keep funding alive for these outstanding artists who challenge their mediums and raise the bar for their peers—and give the artists a chance to be rewarded for their excellence and creative innovation.”

The Stranger, a Seattle publication, covers current events and entertainment news. Shunpike supports the arts community by helping individuals and groups to shape their skills in finance, management and arts administration.