Amazon & Google Open eBookstores In France, UK

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

Both Amazon and Google expanded into the European eBook market this week.

Yesterday Google announced that they had opened up their eBook store in the UK and today. Like in the U.S. the Google eBook store in the U.K. is available on multiple devices and it includes partnerships with indie booksellers, so that consumers can buy eBooks from smaller local stores. eBookNewser has more: “The store includes eBooks from Hachette, Random House and Penguin, as well as more than two million public domain eBooks.”

After launching in Germany back in April, Amazon opened the Kindle store in France today. eBookNewser has more: “As of this morning, the French Kindle Store has just over 800,000 titles with around 35 thousand French-language titles, including all 28 L’Express best sellers available as eBooks. The store also has over 4,000 free French classics and reportedly hundreds of graphic novels.”