Ally Condie Fans Pose Inside Her Book Cover

By Maryann Yin Comment

To celebrate the final installment of the Matched trilogy, Penguin Group set up a photo booth at BookExpo America so fans could pose for a photograph inside a 3D life-size replica of Ally Condie’s book cover.

Fans could share their photographs online (we’ve embedded a sample above).

Ally Condie appeared at the Reached photo booth to check out the conference and do a little posing of her own. GalleyCat caught up with Condie and asked her what it was like to finish writing her first book series. Condie replied: “It’s kind of scary. It’s really exciting, but all the threads need to be tied together or not. Mostly I just want the readers to feel like this was satisfying.”

Condie also shared the following writing tip on how to keep track of loose ends inside a book series: “I have a big bulletin board. I have a section for each character and they have pictures to go with them and notes on them. I’m a really visual person so just writing it down in a word document doesn’t work for me.”

How do you keep track of your characters?