Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ is Attracting Digital Readers

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

hitlerAdolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf is ranking on eBook bestsellers lists in certain categories, according to author Chris Faraone. He theorizes that the anonymous nature of eBook purchasing has led to this phenomenon, in the same way that erotica sales have benefits from the adoption of eReaders.

In fact, despite the availability of free editions, paid copies have edged up the lists from eBook sellers, according to Faraone. We checked out the book on Amazon, and a 2008 edition from Misbach Enterprises which sells for $2.00. It is currently ranked No. 8 in the ‘Globalization’ category of the Kindle store and No. 11 in the “Communism & Socialism” category.

Here is more about the book’s digital sales from Faraone’s post on

Hitler’s big comeback, though, came in 2013, when a 99 cent Kindle version released in January started charting among World War II books and Historical Biographies & Memoirs. Its publisher, a California company called Elite Minds Inc., uses the dollar e-book to promote more expensive original translations of Mein Kampf they retail in print and audio packages. In an email to Vocativ, Elite Minds President Michael Ford says, “Sales are great,” but notes that he faces “a moral dilemma in promotion” in that he fears advocating “something that could be misused.” He says, “I have not heavily promoted the book and decided, for the most part, to let it spread among those who have a true historical and academic interest naturally.” (Via The Guardian).