Why Publishing Needs Summer Fridays

By Jason Boog Comment

Many publishing companies allow employees to leave early on Fridays during the summer months–do you get Summer Fridays?

It is a semi-controversial practice. Some feel publishers should be working straight through the week during this time of revolutionary change, while others think it is a nice reward for employees.

What do you think? This GalleyCat editor thinks it is a good idea. Here are six reasons why.

1. You can save your employees’ lives! Some scientists now think that “people who spend most of their days sitting are more likely to be fat, have a heart attack or even die.”

2. Americans get less vacation time than most European countries, so it doesn’t hurt to give your employees some extra time.

3. Many publishing professionals are also writers. The best gift you can ever give a writer is time to write.

4. Winters in New York City are miserable–publishing professionals brave the elements every day while walking work. Why not let them enjoy the most beautiful time of year?

5.  The publishing industry–for writers, editors, agents, and GalleyCat reporters–has become a nonstop profession. We tweet, chat, email, write, and read news nearly 24-7 on our mobile devices. Why not reward all this extra work with Summer Fridays?

6. Publishing salaries have always been low. A couple extra hours every summer makes a nice reward.

UPDATE: Both HarperCollins editor Stephanie Meyers and Carina Press executive editor Angela James reminded us that many offices work longer hours during the week so they can take off a few hours for Summer Fridays.