Twitter Suspends Alex Jones over New Tweet

By Christine Zosche 

Twitter on Tuesday suspended the far-right talk-show host Alex Jones for violating the social media company’s policies, a reversal amid intensifying public scrutiny and criticism of Jones’ posts on the platform. (WSJ)

The move comes after one of his posts violated the platform’s policies. A Twitter spokesperson confirmed that Jones’ account will have limited functions but won’t be suspended. The platform is additionally requiring he delete a tweet that contained a broadcast in violation of the site’s rules. (The Hill)

On his InfoWars show, which was published on Twitter’s video-streaming service Periscope, Jones told supporters to get their “battle rifles” ready against antifa, the mainstream media, and as well as Chinese communist operatives, which he described using a disparaging term. (WaPo)

Twitter is one of the only major social media companies that has not scrubbed its platform of Jones or InfoWars. Apple has removed the full library of his podcasts, Facebook has unpublished his pages, YouTube terminated his account, and other technology companies took similar action. However, InfoWars apps remain available through the Google Play store and Apple’s app store. (CNN)