Would You Pay $300K for a T-Shirt?

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Sounds like a preposterous question, doesn’t it? But yet it’s the basis of a new campaign from BBH New York and Threadless for UNICEF that aims to aid humanitarian efforts in the crisis-ridden Horn of Africa, which includes nations like Somalia and Ethiopia. Yes, the price that’s listed for the aid item that’s desperately needed in the region is the price you pay for the cotton T, the most expensive of which costs $300,000 and represents how much one cargo flight demands to provide assistance in the Horn.

Says BBH NY ECD Ari Weiss, who joined the agency from 180LA back in March, “We’re literally letting people wear their donation as a source of pride and as a means to spread the word. If friends get a little competitive over who’s being more altruistic, all the better.” Other items on the T-shirt list include one representing basic family water kits ($125.55) as well as one for an emergency tent ($1,939.36). We believe this is way more worthwhile than donating to the Human Fund. Go here to see the full list and take part.