Richmond, VA-Based Work Would Like to Provide Some Quick Clarification

By Kiran Aditham Comment


We’re not sure how recent this is but a tipster sent us a link to a short graphic that seemingly comes from Richmond, VA-based agency Work, which was founded by Cabell Harris in 1995 and originally based in Los Angeles (and later spawned Work Labs). Well, you may recall that six months ago, a new digital design/development shop called Work & Co., headed by up by Huge alum Gene Liebel among others, opened its doors in Brooklyn. As the copy above states, this apparently caused some confusion in the ensuing months, thus a visual clarification with some comparison was needed.



Well, we’re not sure if there’s a tinge of spite in this graphic from Work (which has had its share of beef before), but hopefully this helps illustrate the difference between the 20-year-old operation and the new kid on the block once and for all.