Wieden+Kennedy Imagines a Worst Possible Scenario in Latest Duracell Spot

By Patrick Coffee Comment

Do any of you guys have kids? How does that work, exactly?

Wieden+Kennedy’s new ad for Duracell gets to the heart of the matter by posing an existential question for the moms and dads in the audience: do you really want to take anything vaguely resembling a risk if your child is involved?

Like, say, the chance that you choose a less-than-optimal battery for your kid’s new toy … and unleash unspeakable chaos on your charming suburban home.
This spot is very much in keeping with the themes of the “Trust Is Power” campaign, which argues that consumers should stick with the names they know rather than spending a little less for a battery that might just up and die like, whenever. Uncertainty is bad!

That robot looks like something from the Sears catalog circa 1986, btw.

The ad was directed by Biscuit Filmworks’ Andreas Nilsson of “Epic Split” and Rob Lowe KFC fame.


Agency: Wieden+Kennedy New York
Client: Duracell
Title: “Toy”

Executive Creative Director Karl Lieberman
Creative Director Jaclyn Crowley
Creative Director Eric Helin
Copywriter Brock Kirby
Art Director Sezay Altinok
Head of Integrated Production Nick Setounski
Executive Producer Alison Hill
Associate Producer Alexey Novikov
Director of Brand Strategy Dan Hill
Strategy Director Sean Staley
Brand Strategist Cristina Pansolini
Social Strategist Liz Lightbody
Account Director Mike Welch
Management Supervisor Meghan Mullen
Account Supervisor Mike Mueller
Account Executive Jamie Robinson
Comms Planner Stuart Augustine
Business Affairs Michael Moronez
Project Manager Ava Rant
Traffic Managers Sonia Bisono, Andy Hume

Production Company Biscuit.
Local Service Company Story
Director Andreas Nilsson
Managing Director Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer Holly Vega
Head of Production Rachel Glaub
Head of Production Mercedes Allen
Line Producer Jay Veal
Production Supervisor Jennifer Berry

Editorial Company Rock Paper Scissors
Editor Carlos Arias
Producer Ashley Bartell
Cutting Assistant Christopher Fetsch

Executive Producer Melanie Wickham
Producer Jacqueline Sand, Larissa Berringer
VFX Shoot Supervisor Westley Sarokin
2D Lead Artist Chris Sonia
2D Artists Ari Garber, Nicky Picardo, Rachael Moon, Paul Downes, Andrew Pellicer
Coordinator Zachary Franciose

Telecine Company CO3
Colorist Tom Poole

Mix Company Sound Lounge
Mixer Peter Holcomb

Music Supervisor Butter. Music & Sound.
Executive Producer Ian Jeffreys
Producer Kristin Kuraishi