Who Wants to Win a Giant Pop Tart? It’ll Cost You Two Minutes

By Kiran Aditham Comment

There’s nothing like shaking off the rust from a long weekend than watching someone/something like “Nyan Cat Man,” a gym rat who’s dressed up like a cat, apparently hopped up on meth and riding a stationary bike all while hoisting a giant pop tart. Yep, here’s another inclusion to our already feline-dominated internet that comes to us courtesy of copywriter Dominique Curtis and art director Michele Jaret, currently students at Miami Ad School SF (will these MAS kids’ imaginations ever quit?).

The duo is doing some sort of Facebook promotion this month that entails giving away said ginormous breakfast pastry to the person with most “liked” caption for the above clip. You can give it a try and post your own on the Nyan Cat Man wall. What a way to ring in the start of a short week, though we have to wonder how and why this dude doesn’t seem to blink at all throughout this two-plus-minute hallucination.