What the Hell is ‘The Listening Cloud?’ Let’s Let RPA Explain

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Hmm, do you really want to be listening this much? Well, if so, here’s RPA’s latest project, which according to the parties involved, is “a fluffy data-driven light sculpture that visualizes social media conversation in real-time.”  According to a statement from RPA CD Perrin Anderson, “We wanted to build something that could show what’s happening in the social media ‘cloud’ in real-time, not as data or a visualization on a screen, but as a fun, sensory, physical thing. We hope that others will share their ideas on the marriage of creativity and data by using the hashtag #ListeningCloud on their social accounts.”

If you happen to stroll by RPA’s Santa Monica digs–which cater to the likes of Honda and Farmers Insurance–and love lights, colors, etc., “Listening Cloud” is there for the picking, featuring real-time data from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram public APIs. According to the parties involved, you the agency’s client will be in the mix as, via wireless bridge to LEDs, will track hashtags, likes or comments about a client, with cloud “storming” via multi-colored lightning that corresponds to the different social media channels.  To be honest, this cloud shit is still new (yeah we know, blah blah) and we’ll absorb it when we can, but an interesting peek into agency and old client moving forward.  Check out making-of clip after the jump.