Mike and Ike Reunite, Complete with Movie Trailer Premiere

By Jordan Teicher Comment

Even though The Return of Mike and Ike is a fake movie, the trailer looks more interesting than most of the previews we see in theaters on a regular basis. For those who’ve forgotten, Mike and Ike had a brutal split last year, causing lovers of the fruity candy to sink into a deep depression. As you can see, they’re back together, in a faux crime-thriller movie trailer that may or may not associate Mike and Ikes with drugs. Probably not great for the under-12 demographic, but at least this spot tries to creatively rebrand an old-school candy. Part of me wonders if they should’ve gone with such a serious tone. Maybe a buddy-cop comedy satire could’ve lent itself to some needed humor.

The campaign for the Just Born candy brand, which also includes a new website, was created by Elevator Group (Scituate, Massachusetts) and Nail Communication (Providence, Rhode Island). I’m not sure if this ad will translate to more candy sales, but it certainly shows how easy it is to create a mock thriller trailer. Throw in some angry old white dudes, an undercover blonde co-ed, minor-league Inception orchestra music, and scenes of people running and/or yelling. Two thumbs up? You be the judge when this fake movie doesn’t come to a theater near you.