Thursday Odds And Ends

By SuperSpy Comment

– IDEO CEO Tim Brown talks ideas, and the organizations that stifle them. (link)

– Logo design – the good, bad and the genius. (link)

– BMW has identified five agencies to compete in the final round of its media review: Aegis Group’s Carat, Universal McCann, Horizon Media and Targetcast:TCM, and the incumbent, Omnicom’s GSD&M Idea City. (link)

– Hewlett-Packard has announced a global media review. (link)

– There is a class action lawsuit going against for their fraudulent messaging. You know the one that goes: “Your former classmates are trying to contact you!” (link)

– The blog Valleywag is folding into Gawker. One of the media group’s other blog, Consumerist, is now up for sale. (link)

– Digg has debuted their online store. (link)

– To compel holiday shoppers to try Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash, ad agency Creature organized the Re-Gift Rap Battles, which will hit shopping malls in most major cities coast to coast. (link)

– Canada fines company for advocating carpooling – WTF? (link)

– If that’s not weird enough for you, Barbara Walters has announced that the female-to-male transsexual who gave birth to a child is pregnant again. Just watch the video above.