There’s Nothing Like Celebrating Cinco de Mayo on May 3

By Kiran Aditham Comment

We really haven’t done much of a party report in a while, but we had to say it was a gas at New York-based shop Woods Witt Dealy & Sons’ annual Cinco de Mayo bash. You might know WWD&S as the agency responsible for the Wrath of Cannes festival that takes place here in NYC during the actual Cannes Li0ns event (which we’ve yet to attend, but are always there in spirit).

Though yours truly was somewhat preoccupied with the Heat-Knicks playoff game unfolding on the flat screen in the agency’s studio/rec room and playing lone Miami supporter in the process, WWD&S was dishing out margaritas on tap while a mariachi band serenaded the attendees. The coup de grace, though, were the pinatas that blindfolded staffers were hitting with a stick and was eventually broken, filling the floor with candy and mini-bottles of booze. Thankfully, Dionysus was smiling down on me as one hard smack sent a projectile initially thought to be a Three Musketeers bar right in the shoulder. But alas, it was a bottle of Jose Cuervo. Yes, a nice cap to the evening and as for Wrath of Cannes, while no Tony Hawk appearance is expected this year, the party will take place in Manhattan instead of Coney Island. Pardon me while I take my jacket to the dry cleaners.