The Richards Group Launches Social Mini-Series for Ram

By Erik Oster Comment

Dallas-based agency The Richards Group launched a new campaign for Fiat Chrysler’s Ram Commercial ProMaster and ProMaster City brands featuring a digital web series hosted on social media. 

The first two videos in the “This Old Van” series — “The Bundle” and “Endless Turn” made their debut last week on the brand’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels. In “The Bundle” a woman meets a cable repairman who is supposed to provide her with bundled TV, phone and high speed Internet. The hitch? His van, whose shot breaks necessitated him parking on the lawn, is so disorderly he can’t seem to find anything, although something seems to find him. “Endless Turn” continues the approach with a pair of inept delivery men attempting to make a tight turn in their lemon of a van. While more entertaining than typical fare in the category, it’s hard to imagine that many viewers sitting through each in its entirety, which is especially problematic given that the Ram Trucks aren’t featured until near the conclusion. For those who do stick around though, the spots, inspired by real stories, manage to tie their narrative to the vehicles’ selling points. The series will continue to roll out, with four more videos slated for release in the coming months.