The Best Ad-Related Videos of the Week

By The Advert Comment

Sayonara, summa. Fall is upon us, though it’s still hot like a whale’s vagina up in this beast. Luckily, Friday’s videos are here to rescue you from the next 15 minutes. Before you go further, know that after the jump is an NSFW breast cancer awareness ad that just debuted. It was made at the behest of the Scottish government, so you can rest assured it will be dreary and unsexy, and therefore not worth getting in trouble for. And hell, if a group of bibliophiles can take NY by storm by reading outside topless (search “The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society for more on that crowd), you can get out of trouble for watching a breast cancer awareness clip. Proceed with reckless abandon.

5. Membranes. They’re insane! To demonstrate the insanity a group of sciencers somehow plugged Cypres Hill’s ‘Insane in the Membrane’ into the membrane of a squid. The result was, well, nuts. Watch as the membrane reacts to the music. This one gives the iTunes visualizer a run for its money. Nothing is new, people. Nothing.

4. DARPA is funding some interesting projects these days, like building an analog computer that will work something like a human brain – they hope. Also in the works is a project to build robots that run. There’s no better animal to replicate than the cheetah, then, which is exactly what this video shows – a robo-tah breaking the current robot land speed record at 29 mph. That’s faster than Usain Bolt!

3. The BBC knows how to record animals in nature and then make fun of them, better than anyone I know personally. We can’t be sure if the title of this video, “Snake in Agony” is accurate since, in the clip, it looks like it’s just really peeved that the thing it attacked was only a balloon and not a delicious hamster.

2. Last night the Obama Campaign crew nailed it with Twitter, responding on the fly to trends related to VP Biden’s speech by buying Tweets around the word “literally”, and dropping a promoted Tweet at the end of Obama’s speech (per Business Insider). This is all part of a new, highly customizable ad program for small businesses that Twitter recently launched, which you can learn about in this clip.

1. NSFW, yet informative. That’s the best way to describe this breast cancer awareness clip paid for by the Scottish govt.