Team Detroit Riffs on Rogue’s Cadillac ‘Poolside’ Spot for Ford

By Erik Oster Comment

Team Detroit has released a new spot for Ford that riffs on (some might say parodies) the recent Cadillac “Poolside” commercial from Rogue promoting the myth that hard work makes America superior to other countries who take a month off in August and value quality of life over property, ending with a winking “N’est-ce pas?” aimed at that traditional target of misplaced American ire, France, the country with the best health care system in the world.

Ford’s spot focuses on Pashon Murray, founder of Detroit Dirt, “a compost company working to turn forgotten parcels of land in Detroit into urban farms that not only feed, but revitalize our community.” Murray spends time collecting organic waste from offices, factories, and even manure from the Detroit zoo, to turn into compost. Unlike the smug Neal McDonough in Cadillac’s spot, Murray works hard to try to make her city, and the world, a better place. Team Detroit matches the pacing and imitates the tone of Cadillac’s spot, but with a completely different message. While Rogue’s Cadillac spot attempted to appeal to the kind of self-important conservatives who typically wouldn’t be attracted to an electric vehicle in an attempt to tap into a new market, Team Detroit and Ford take the opposite approach here — appealing to the kinds of environmental evangelists historically drawn to fossil fuel alternatives. Stick around after the jump for a “Poolside” refresher.