T.A.G Cranks Out The Video Game Ads

By SuperSpy Comment

McCann’s T.A.G unit (the only one that matters these days) has pushed out another installment in the Xbox Gears Of War franchise. If you recall, their first spot, “Mad World”, was an award winner, a record breaker and pushed sales of the song to the number one spot on iTunes. The same director, Joe Kosinski, is back for this new spot as well. The commercial is set to premier in the US on NBC during NFL football on 11/2, and will also run in cinema nationwide.

The shop also spat out another spot for Fable 2. Check it out above. I love both games, but the Fable spot has got me. Totally. Looks like it got others, too. On its first day, the game sold 350,000 copies.

The ECDs at T.A.G, Scott Duchon, Geoff Edwards (our 2007 Sexiest Man In Advertising winner) and John Patroulis, as well as their staff have just got this video game shit on lock.

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