Survey: Corporate Marketers Outpace Agency Counterparts in Terms of Salary

By Kiran Aditham Comment

It’s been nearly two weeks since we mentioned an industry salary survey conducted by recruiting firm 24 Seven and now some initial results are coming in and they seem to be fairly positive. According to the company, average salaries increased 31 percent across the ad industry when compared to 2009, , going up from $81,989 to $107,356. But in a statement, 24 Seven president Celeste Gudas says, “While pay is up, all is not equal in the marketing sector. As corporate clients press agencies on fees and compensation, salaries for corporate marketers are outpacing their agency counterparts by seven-percent.”

The smallest increase was in the creative sector, which posted eight percent, yielding an average salary of $85,960 from $79,660 in 2009. Meanwhile, corporate marketers’ average earnings went up 29 percent from 2009 to $104,304. 24 Seven is set to release the full results of the survey in May. If it so interests you, feel free to reserve a copy via this link.