So, This is Happening: Cleveland Agency Staffers Will Get Dunked in Egg Nog for Good Cause

By Kiran Aditham Comment

The agency holiday blitz continues with this effort from Cleveland-based agency Marcus Thomas, which decided to send a bunch of its staffers to the dunk tank, which just so happens to be filled with egg nog. How appropriate. But why are they doing this exactly? Well, besides getting into the holiday spirit by possibly making asses of themselves, the Marcus Thomas crew is also trying to help out the United Way of Cleveland. The effort, which lives online here, has been going on since Monday (it ends today) and lets visitors, between 3-5pm EST, login, get in the queue and hopefully get to use their mouse to shoot softballs from the comfort of their desk and dunk a random MT staffer. Each successful hit earns $50 for the United Way, so at least there’s something fulfilling about this silly effort

The dizzying clip above features footage from the headcams of Wednesday’s dunkees. The top vote-getter as of today, is copywriter TJ Prochaska, who pleads his case in the clip above. If you don’t mind getting dizzy, meanwhile, here’s some headcam footage below that’s brought to us by Wednesday’s dunkees.