So, Is This the New Shop Formed by Ex-Syrup Leads?


By Kiran Aditham Comment

It looks like it’s still in its nascent phase, but multiple sources are telling us that Saints New York is the new shop that’s been formed by Syrup founder/executive creative director Jakob Daschek and its former CEO/managing director,  Omino Gardezi. If you recall, the pair essentially served as the leadership team at the LBi-owned Syrup, but parted ways (or vice versa) shortly after Publicis Groupe acquired LBi last fall. Thus far, it appears that a fair amount of the work featured on the Saints site harks back to Daschek and Gardezi’s Syrup/LBi, but as mentioned, the Saints operation is a newly formed one. We’re checking in with at least one of the two involved, so we’ll let you know and get some clarification on staff count/current client roster if and when we can. Check out the Saints’ MO below: