Sears Business Back in Play


By Kiran Aditham Comment

It looks like there’s no rest even during long weekends for our tipsters (not that we’re complaining), who sent us news regarding Sears that’s turned out to be true. Nearly six years after consolidating its advertising with Y&R, which left sister WPP shop and longtime agency partner Ogilvy out to dry, the retailer is now putting its account into review. Y&R is pleading the fifth and has forwarded all inquiries to Sears, which sent us this rather vague reply: “As a normal course of business for Sears Holdings, we occasionally review our marketing relationships.  And out of respect for those involved in the process, we will decline additional comment at this time.” We’ve been told by sources familiar with the matter that Kmart’s AOR, DraftFCB, is not part of the review.