RAPP Tells BuzzFeed Why It Is the Coolest Place to Work

By Patrick Coffee Comment

RAPPWe know very little about what it’s like to work for RAPP, the New York-based agency with a digital data focus.

However, after scrolling through this BuzzFeed “Brand Publisher” post submitted by an anonymous tipster and (presumably) written by a person/persons who do work at RAPP, we’re curious.

The purpose of the self-published story seems to be directing the reader’s attention to the agency’s sense of work-life balance.

Some things we learned…

RAPP boat

  • RAPP knows how to party
  • RAPP refuses to apologize for knowing how to party
  • RAPP knows how to stop partying and do other voluntary things that do not involve monetary compensation
  • Agency perks include yoga classes, manicures, free breakfast every day and the sanctioned consumption of alcohol during work hours

We like this version of the “secret” agency page because, unlike similarly GIF-y URLs that may or may not exist at agencies with which we may or may not be familiar, it doesn’t involve directly insulting any of the people who actually do work there. At the same time, we’re not quite sure what to make of it as outsiders except to conclude that RAPP goes out of its way to ensure that its employees are having a fairly good time.

Also: we never get to drink or get manicures or even do yoga at the office unless we show up at 7:30, finish at 8:30 and shower in the men’s room sink. We didn’t realize how unique we were.

quick Glassdoor review disguised as research tells us that RAPP does indeed have a pretty good handle on the whole work-life balance thing, though a few employees note a lack of consistency on the management front.

Now summarize your experience reading this piece using only BuzzFeed’s trademark yellow badges. Or don’t.