And Now, Toshiba Toughness from goodness Mfg.

By Jordan Teicher Comment

The latest Toshiba campaign from goodness Mfg. provides plenty of answers. Can a Toshiba television withstand the humidity in a sauna? Yes. Can a Toshiba laptop hold up after being violently thrown from a paint shaker? Yes. Can a Toshiba laptop survive under the weight of a monster truck? Not exactly. But for those who’ve been curious about the durability of Toshiba electronics–if you’re out there, let me know–these spots give us some solid, slapstick proof. Toshibas are tough.

There are five spots in all, each one running a bit too long in the 90-second range. Toshiba is no Apple, but if you don’t have the style to compete with Macbooks, jumping on the durability track may not be such a bad approach. The campaign certainly stands out among electronic brands, and the two goofs hawking the products are dweeby enough to be likable. That being said, I don’t know anyone who owns a Toshiba computer. Again, if you do, please let me know. And if you’re buying a computer because it might be crushed by a monster truck, you’re not exactly part of a large consumer demographic. You might be the only person in that demographic, in which case, Toshiba blew its advertising budget to sell one computer.

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Executive Creative Director: Tom Adams

Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: Eric Manchester 

Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Rob Bajohr

EVP, Director of Integrated Production: Rupert Samuel

Executive Producer: Akash Khokha 


Editorial / Post: Cosmo Street

Executive Producer: Yvette Sears

Producer: Rebecca Baker

Editor: Jeff Grippe

Sound Design / Mix: Mike Rodriguez


Production Company: Republic Content

Director: Sean Leman 

EP: Vince Genovese / Steve McDonald


Finishing: Trailer Park

Head of Post Production: John Ryan

Producer: Erin McMahon