Presenting 2011’s Nominee for the ‘Worst Holiday Card Ever’

By Bob Marshall Comment

…And so we veer from the good to the, um, we’re not sure what. On December 16, 2010, we were sent an anonymous tip with the words “Worst holiday card ever” followed by a mysterious link. It was then that we were introduced to MRM’s holiday video, featuring WTF-worthy lip-synced whistling. Now, as Kiran said in his post about the video, we didn’t think it was actually the “Worst Holiday Card Ever.” But, as the video was eventually removed from YouTube, we assume that MRM must’ve felt a little embarrassed by the public’s reaction to the holiday card (which included 146 vitriolic comments on our site, putting it in Goody/Sprint breakup comment territory).

On Friday, exactly one year to the day since we were sent MRM’s card, we received a new tip asking “Worst agency holiday card ever?” Above, you’ll see Javelin Marketing Group’s 2011 contribution. We ask you once again, dear commenters, how does this story about an ember and a snowflake’s wintry romance rank in comparison to MRM’s 2010 video? Is it possible that our tipster just doesn’t understand the concept of “kewt?”