Steelers Use Twitter Hashtags to Fuel Super Bowl Countdown

By Bob Marshall Comment

North Carolina-based shop McKinney is celebrating the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Super Bowl bid with its Twerrible Towel website. All it took was a webcam, a towel, a fan motor, a hand and a laptop.

How does it work? Well, it seems as though the folks behind this effort attached a hand grasping a “Terrible Towel” to a fan motor, and the device “twirls” the towel for every tweet ending with the hashtag “#steelernation.” It totally works too, and the open laptop connected to the fan displays your Twitter and registers your towel twirl as a number. As dumb as this is, it might be the best use of hashtags we’ve ever seen. Also, it’s nice to see Steelers fans get excited about the Super Bowl before the game starts and Aaron Rodgers burns Pittsburgh’s secondary for 500 yards and five TDs.

For those that don’t watch the NFL and get easily confused while watching with friends who are superfans, the Terrible Towel is this yellow wash cloth given to Steelers fans to wave around their heads during a football game. While Packers fans get to wear cheese on their heads, Steelers fans cannot reasonably affix steel beams to their noggins. That is why a bright yellow wash cloth is the symbol of their football team and fanbase. It’s football, so it doesn’t have to make any sense.

Will Steeler Nation keep the Twerrible Towel twirling until the Super Bowl? Because we’re gambling men, we’re giving “no” a 2.5 point advantage.