Pitch, SunPower Want You to ‘Demand Better Solar’

By Erik Oster Comment

Los Angeles-based full service agency Pitch, which named Deutsch veteran Michael Kadin as its new chief creative officer last month, launched a new campaign for SunPower, introducing the tagline “Demand Better Solar.”

The spot celebrates SunPower’s collaborations with NASA and Solar Impulse, a solar airplane, championing the brand as “Making solar that goes higher, farther, faster” and “putting thirty years of record-breaking solar where it matters most — your home.” While the brand’s accomplishments are hinted at in the ad, the routinely anthemic approach of the voiceover risks viewers tuning out and not taking the “record-breaking” claim seriously. That’s too bad, since the brand can back up the claim: its new X22 panel set a new world record with 22.8 efficiency. It may be understandable that the ad doesn’t mention the raw number, as 22.8 percent may not sound all that impressive to an uninformed viewer, but that the spot doesn’t specifically tout the brand’s latest offering as the world’s most efficient solar panels is a bit baffling, especially given how clean a lead-in the statement would be to the “Demand Better Solar” tagline. Since the 30-second broadcast spot is just the beginning of a campaign which also includes print, radio, digital, social and out-of-home executions, that’s hopefully a problem specific to this ad in particular. 

“We are excited to be working with SunPower, a leader in the industry with the most efficient solar technology available to consumers,” said Pitch president Rachel Spiegelman. “SunPower’s thirty years of experience gives them a keen perspective on what better solar looks like. We will be working closely with SunPower to illustrate that not all solar is created equal, and that the best is within reach.”

“Solar is the fastest-growing source of renewable energy in America, accounting for 40 percent of all new electricity sources installed,” added SunPower CMO Erin Mulligan Nelson. “By the year 2050, solar is expected to contribute more than 25 percent to the world’s total energy mix. As consumers are faced with complex decisions about what solar brand to trust, SunPower and Pitch will have done the work to help make that choice a simple one.”

Agency – PITCH
President: Rachel Spiegelman
Chief Financial Officer: Pej Sabet
Chief Strategy Officer: Sara Bamossy
Chief Creative Officer: Xanthe Wells/Michael Kadin
Executive Creative Director: Rob Goldenberg/ Helena Skonieczny
Senior Copywriter: Jake Matthews/Barry McLaughlin
Senior Art Director: David Dubois
Account Director: Brienne Monty
Sr. Producer: Laura Keseric
Strategist: Lexi Whelan

Production Company – TMB
Director – Bo Platt
Director of Photography – Nanu Segal
Producer – Zak Thornborough

Radio Production – Bicep Productions
Jr. Producer: Nick Phillips
Mixer: Luis Rosario
Executive Producer/Post: Esther Gonzalez

TV Production – Union Editorial
Einar Thorsteinsson – Editor
Michael Raimondi-President/Managing Partner
Lisa K. Johnson- Executive Producer
Ryan Khoury-Assistant Editor
Ian Hickey-Graphic Design
Mannix Rickenbacher-Graphic Design

Music: Beacon Street
Composers: Beacon Street Studios
Executive Producer: Adrea Lavezzoli

Post Production – JAMM
Lead Flame – Jake Montgomery
Flame Artist – Pat Munoz
Producer – Ashley Greyson
Executive Producer – Asher Edwards