Oh Hello Again!

By SuperSpy Comment

Good morning, advertising! Super Spy here. Did you miss me? I missed you. I really did, but I’m back now. The family is back together. Why you ask? How did it happen that I’ve been re-instated to the Mediabistro family tree?

If you recall, I called it a day back in May. I was tired, spent, in need of a serious vacation, but just as Adverganza predicted, the siren song of blogging lured me back to WordPress. I started my own random little thing called The Brief. It was a quiet storm of advertising thoughts and notes. It was a down low blog just like hip-hop mini-mogul, Jermaine Dupri’s, sexual orientation. And then, you know, media companies and their protectionist contracts… I got nabbed. Mediabistro came a callin’ and I had choices to make.

I’m back bitches. Matt and Spy Writer were nice enough to make a little room for me back here in the club house. On the plus side, I signed up for the comments system and low and behold! It worked! It really did, so I hope that you’ll all do the same, so we can parlay and whatnot.

So, y’all ready to ball? If you want to contact me direct, it’s superspyin at gmail dot com
or hit me on the instant message machine at superspyin.

Alright. Lets do this.