NY Post Equates Sorrell to Napoleon

By Kiran Aditham Comment


Never one to shy away from over-the-top headlines, the New York Post today compares Martin Sorrell to a “puffed-up” Napoleon in regards to the WPP chief’s “legal vendetta” against digital firm Spot Runner.

With a head that reads “Sorrell Comes Up Short,” the report states that the ad man isn’t giving up on his suit against the aforementioned agency, whose two founders and other investors allegedly sold $54 million in stock without telling other shareholders and cashed out “while the firm lost money and failed to build a sustainable business.”

Despite the fact that Spot Runner’s motion to dismiss the suit was granted by a California federal judge earlier this month, WPP was given an chance to file an amended claim by October 12th. The umbrella agency is gladly obliging it seems, stating “We intend to take full advantage of this opportunity to re-plead.”

While the Post’s “puffed up” idea was amusing, the “dict-ad-or” comment could use some work.



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