Now That DDB’s Cut from the Bud Light Pitch, Who’s Really In?

By Kiran Aditham Comment

With DDB now out of the picture in regards to the Bud Light review, just who will parent company Anheuser-Busch InBev pick to replace its longtime lead agency? From what spies are telling us, those still in contention include Droga5 and, you guessed it, McGarryBowen (what are they not pitching these days?).  While Adage reported yesterday that CP+B is also in the running, we’re hearing that the Boulder-based bunch has joined DDB on the sidelines after “presenting [hundreds] of ideas and ads” though none really “passed the muster” of the client.

Furthermore, and perhaps most interesting to note, we’re hearing that A-B InBev is looking to get new agencies briefed as the pitches have been “underwhelming” as a whole and there is really no front-runner at this point.  Yep, this could take a while, folks. We’re trying to get some sort of official confirmation regarding CP+B/Bud Light, though our spies seem pretty confident that the agency is no longer involved (“100% cut,” they’re saying). We’ll keep you posted.