Mozilla Unveils ‘Firefox Flicks’ Competition

By Bob Marshall Comment

In an era where blockbuster films can be made about such unlikely subjects as theme park rides (Pirates of the Caribbean) and boardgames (the upcoming Battleship movie), it only followed that one day we would see a movie made about something as banal as a web browser. Well, ladies and gentleman, that day is today.

Mozilla is announcing the first (and maybe last) “Firefox Flicks” video competition, encouraging aspiring filmmakers, animators and creatives to make a short films educating users about Internet safety as well as emphasizing Mozilla’s unique benefit. So, what is that USP you may ask? According to a creative brief on the competition’s website, Mozilla preaches a “principles over profit” model, which makes sense considering that Mozilla is, in fact, a non-profit organization. But, a lack of capitalistic motivation doesn’t mean Mozilla isn’t willing to bring out Hollywood to this movie-making affair, enlisting the likes of Edward Norton, Jeff Silver and others as celebrity judges.

If you’re a fan of Firefox who looks poorly on Safari users for being lazy, Chrome users for being sellouts, and Internet Explorer users for being absolutely idiotic, consider submitting your short film by May 1 to this site. If you lack the motivation, you can always show your support watching the adorable Firefox Cub Cam live-stream.