Media Kitchen Cooks Up Curiosity

By Matt Van Hoven Comment

Gary The Puppet’s Magical Internet Adventure

This Kirshenbaum Bond video has been out for about a month, but regardless of its age, I had to post it. I just watched it, with my jaw looking like that of a large mouth bass. “Shocking” was the word that bounced around my head as the video rolled. This copy accompanied the video:

“Created for Media Kitchen and Venture Day. I guess it was shown on a big screen for a bunch of important people, which is awesome.

Shot over the course of two days, edited on the third day. DP & Steadicam by Kyle Fassenella, Directed and Written by (me) Justin Johnson, starring Gary the puppet (Ben Ross, Erik Beck).

Shot on location at Tumblr, Next New Networks, Gawker, College Humor, and CBS Interactive.”

If I had all those cool friends, I’d probably want to make something a little less strange. But that’s just me. I imagine SuperSpy and DL would have a lot more to say, but it’s only Tuesday and I’m just not in that kind of mood.

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