McCann Seattle: The Agency With a Thousand Names

By Matt Van Hoven Comment

mccanntweet.egg  on Aviary

Recently we received the little tweet you see above. Curious about this agency and its apparent name change, we called McCann and here’s the word:

Until January of this year, the agency was a Timberland-McClain office, a small IPG shop consisting of five people. Then they began reporting to McCann in conjunction with work they began doing for McCann client Group Health. McCann Seattle is born, sort of.

The shop also works on a local Washington brewery called Redhook.

Yadda yadda Group Health modifies what it needs and McCann Seattle is basically left to its devices. Here’s a blurb from our insider:

“Recently, Group Health decided to move more of their spend into direct marketing channels, and to develop/execute more of their traditional work in house, as they have a fairly large advertising department. With those moves it just did not make financial sense to keep the office open to service the remaining pieces.”

The shop is no longer answering to McCann and that’s how Frank Unlimited may have spawned. But I don’t know if they even exist and the best guess is that it consists of the people formerly known as McCann Seattle’s employees. The end?

If Frank Unlimited does exist, someone please let us know by emailing agencspy[at]

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