KBS+P Tells Interns to ‘FCKSMMR’

By Bob Marshall Comment

Many young college students see summer as an opportunity to hit the beach with their friends, spend the day at Six Flags Great America or to just lay on the ground and bask in the warm sun. However, there are other types of college students, those who would prefer to spend their days cooped up in an ad agency, looking wistfully out the window from time to time and sighing deeply while longing for the freedom and happiness that their peers are enjoying. For the latter weirdos, KBS+P might be the agency for you. You can either enjoy the reprieve from school or defiantly declare “FCKSMMR” and embrace the long hours of an advertising internship.

Computers! Speedy Internet! A/C! Vending Machines! Yes, at times, a summer at KBS+P seems to good to be true, but according to a video on the agency’s FCKSMMR website, it could be a reality. “It’s like heaven,” one of the KBS+P’s employees says. “We stay here all night!” And, they’ll even pay you for it! Crazy, but this is the world of advertising, and anything goes. So, young 20-something, ask yourself: are you going to let summer have its way with you, or are you going to join your pals at KBS+P and FCKSMMR?

Update: Currently, the above link for the FCKSMMR page is down. We’re contacting KBS+P to see what’s up.

Update 2: A source familiar with the matter tells us that the site was not actually finished and the link has been disabled because it went to an internal review site not for public viewing. We’ll let you know when it’s ready. It was fun while it lasted.