In Cannes, Who’s Tweeting Too Hard?

By Matt Van Hoven Comment


We just spoke to one of the guys at, a site dedicated to making a big deal out of the twitterati’s lamest thoughts. When reading the stuff there, the phrase, “Oh please” comes to mind. A lot.

Example: @kochschwinger “People don’t just love me because I’m a social media rock star. They love me because I inspire them to be more like me.”

So we’re paying attention to what the ad folks are saying over there and now we’re all about submitting entries to TweetingTooHard, where others can vote on whether or not a person is guilty of TTH. It’s all automated. I’ll let you know if any of the Cannes stuff makes it up. Check out to see more.

@cheronis is tweeting way too hard: “Nosebleed seats at 11th annual Cyber lions at Cannes. Waiting to find out colors of our Lions.”

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