IKEA Introduces Interactive ‘Party Proof’ Kitchen

By Bob Marshall Comment

So, you like to have weekly ragers, but you can’t afford all of the damage to your kitchen with each night of revelry? Well, IKEA has the solution for you, and you don’t even need to ask your guests to kindly leave the kitchen and go recline in the living room or something.

With the help of Mother, IKEA has built an online interactive durability test that proves their kitchen appliances don’t fall victim to even the most belligerent guests. A yellow sweater-ed man we will name Bjorn nimbly falls through a kitchen when users drag him to either the left or right of the screen, all the while showcasing IKEA’s “slam tested doors,” “steam and heat tested surfaces” and “stain tested surfaces.”

It would be wrong for IKEA kitchen customers not to encourage your party guests to spray champagne over your kitchen our or attempt to open your dishwasher while it’s running. And, even if you’re slightly worried that your neighbor might seize the opportunity to destroy your house, IKEA promises a 25-year guarantee in the FAKTUM and VÄRDE kitchens. Says Mother director of strategy Jacob Wright, “This online experience balances the need to give people the information they’re looking for with the fun, ‘twinkle in the eye,’ IKEA tone that people love in our broadcast communication. And as a result it sells very hard and builds the brand at the same time.” That reminds us, have fun building this stuff. Credits after the jump.

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