Here’s More on the PM Digital/Zeta Deal

By Kiran Aditham Comment

And now for something sexy. We only gave it a brief mention during our news roundup earlier this week, but for those of you interested, we’ve received some more answers on what lies ahead for Zeta Interactive after its digital services unit was acquired by New York-based PM Digital. Here’s a quick Q+A with the parties involved:

Is the rest of Zeta going forward, or is this the end of the company?

The majority of Zeta Interactive’s assets were acquired by PM Digital and Caivis Corp.  The entity that was formed in 2007 will no longer exist.

PM Digital, a digital business of Paradysz, purchased the digital services business of Zeta Interactive – which includes the resources and intellectual property for SEM, SEO, Social, Creative, Web Development and Strategy / Analytics.

Caivis Corp acquired the Email, Data Warehouse, and Technology units of Zeta Interactive Corporation.  Here’s a link to their press release:

How is the leadership structure affected, if at all, by the acquisition?

The leadership at Paradysz, PM Digital and the former Zeta team will stay intact.  This acquisition was driven by client need, specifically the demand for expanded capabilities in creative and web development to add to our highly capable existing group.  Bringing in additional people with paid and natural search, analytics and social media expertise was also a critical factor given our growth in these areas.

How many people work in the acquired parts and are they staying on?

PM Digital has acquired close to 50 resources from Zeta Interactive’s Digital Business teams, inclusive of business development, marketing, search, social, analytics, creative and web development.