GSD&M Shucks And Jives, Catches Some Heat For Popeye’s

By SuperSpy Comment

Update: Popeye’s responds with “We are proud of this campaign…” Read it all here.

Popeye’s has introduced a new series of TV and radio spots using “Annie the Chicken Queen.” GSD&M Idea City, Austin, Texas, created the spots. Annie is meant to highlight the brand’s personality which is “honest, vibrant, youthful and authentic,” according to Popeyes CMO Dick Lynch. What he really should have said is that the brand is trying to highlight it’s myopic view of the world. He should also be fired (hasta pronto) for not understanding a damn thing about his target demo. Basically, Popeye’s is trying to woo black folk. And hey – that’s fine except when you start dabbling in stereotypes, messing around with “Mammie” imagery and turning off your target market.

All I have to say about this spot is: Go head wit yo bad self… you fucking morons. ECD Mark Taylor? You should be ashamed for green lighting this piece of trite trash. You’re better than this. Meanwhile, the reactions on the web (from black, white, Asians and beyond) have been deservedly awful thus far:

From Bevy Smith on Twitter: “Annie the Chicken Queen on the Popeye’s commercial sets the race back so FAR! Did Popeye’s not get the memo about Pres.Obama? JUDGEMENT!”

From HopieSpitshard on Twitter : “It propogates an outdated stereotype. Why does she tap her scalp when she intro’s herself? (In re Popeye’s Annie Chicken Queen)”

From JBeckham7 on Twitter: “Just saw the Popeye’s commercial with Annie the Chicken King… are you serious..”

From GeekyChic on Twitter: “Oh dear God. This Popeye’s commercial with fried chicken-mama Annie is so blatantly stereotypical it makes my teeth hurt.”

From kimberlyh183 on YouTube: “THAT is offensive!”

From Not1OfUrFans on YouTube: “Cism!”

Need we go on?

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