Grey’s Baby Comes Back With Some Social Media Kinda Stuff

By SuperSpy Comment

The talking baby is coming back. The nightmarish child will be making an appearance at the Super Bowl for online trading firm, E*Trade. People like the baby, so Grey wanted to generate some excitement for the dour little punk and have released the video above today – a mash-up of all of their spots from the past three years. Oh! And of course, Grey also wanted to get into “leveraging strategic social media channels.” The tike is Twittering and has gotten a Facebook page, which at this point, has 236 friends. Social media can be more than a defacto Facebook page. Just because you tap on a SMS and throw up a Twitter feed does not mean you have a social media strategy, okay? Hell, at least you can tell your client they now have a Facebook page. They’re probably way psyched and you guys can go back to focusing on broadcast. The social media minimum. Nice work.

Tor Myhren, Chief Creative Officer of Grey New York said: “He [the baby] shows that anyone can do it. Seeing how easy it is for him helps people overcome their fears of what they perceive as complicated technology.”

Ha. Advertising is so funny. Sometimes we’re just a big broom sweeping things beneath the carpet. E*Trade has been fined $1M by regulators or failing to implement anti-money laundering policies and procedures. Now there’s something that consumers may have some fear over.

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