Grey Paris, Laird Apparently Owe Models a Pretty Penny

By Kiran Aditham Comment

From the pages of Jezebel comes this sordid tale of a couple of beauties looking to get what’s allegedly owed to them. The saga involves Polish models Anna Jagodzinska (left) and Anne Aleksandra Cywinska along with Estonian Karmen Pedaru, who are suing their former agency, Next, claiming that it stole their money and refuses to pay them. In the process, it appears that Grey Paris and Laird and Partners have been thrown into this whole tussle according to the account statement below, which was part of several documents filed by the aforementioned models at Manhattan Supreme Court.

According to Jezebel:

“Jagodzinska’s biggest pending payments are $60,000 that she’s owed by H&M, $35,000 from the creative agency Laird & Partners, which produces ads for a variety of luxury companies (Jagodzinska was in a Bottega Veneta campaign and a Donna Karan campaign around the time of the job, November 2009, both of which were Laird & Partners ads), and a whopping $172,500 from Grey Paris, another production house. Presumably that is for another campaign.”

That’s a pretty “whopping” sum indeed, but since this is dated April 23, 2010, perhaps the agencies involved have already paid up. Regardless, we’re checking if Grey Paris has any comment. The biggest takeaway from all of this, though, is that the Vogue folks are cheap bastards.

Update: Grey Paris tells us that they did in fact pay up (and yes, as a commenter pointed out, it is Next that’s the target of the suit here). Here are the elements courtesy of Grey:

–          Contract established by Platinium Rye Entertainment

–          Purchase order sent to Next

–          Invoice received from Next

–          Payment made via Bank transfer to Next on April 2010 the 30 th for a campaign beginning on May 2010 the 1 st