Fiber One Turns Bad Tweets into Great Theater

By Jordan Teicher Comment

Nobody wants to read your food tweets. If you’re on Diet of the Week, it’s best to keep the passive-aggressive self-loathing to yourself. However, if a brand were to recycle your bad tweets and make them into funny commercials, that might be worth our attention.

Fiber One, fresh off of the ridiculously catchy “Total Eclipse of Your Heart” spots from Saatchi & Saatchi, returns with a new and very creative “Snack Drama” campaign (still waiting to see if the agency’s involved with this one). Real tweets about diets are read aloud and then acted out in purposefully bad/awkward theater. For example, a dieting girl who doesn’t want to eat a friend’s cheesecake is seduced by a personified cheesecake man dressed in white tights (above). There’s also┬áThe Kale and I, about a girl who brings socially awkward kale chips to a party. The writing is solid for a campaign that could’ve easily hammed up the execution with corny jokes. Aside from negatively portraying healthy foods like kale, the only other critical aspect is that the videos lack the pulse of Fiber One’s previous campaign. Humor is good, but what exactly is Fiber One saying about their own brand? I don’t know, and that’s something for them to work on in the future.

The Kale and I and credits after the jump.