FCB and Meow Mix Hit the Dance Floor

By Patrick Coffee Comment

Just in time for the after-lunch break(down) here on the East Coast, FCB Chicago and a few musical felines show all you aspiring EDM superstars how to drop the big beats.

Warning: epileptic viewers may need to watch this one in short bursts to avoid over-stimulation.

In case you missed it, that was an epic remix of the brand’s classic wordless jingle (which is almost as old as we are).

Now, would you like to hear some users singing the song to their own cats?

Remember, it’s all for a good cause.

The campaign site, which launched last Friday to celebrate World Cat Day, encourages fans to record their own “remixes” of the ditty (with backing vocals from their cats). On the creative side:

“Hollywood talent agency WME is involved, as its partner company Jingle Punks is the creative music agency that helped FCB produce the campaign by sourcing the talent and putting together music for the Meow Mix videos.”

There’s a live-action crowdsourcing element to the campaign, too:

“New Yorkers in Columbus Circle can join country music superstar Kellie Pickler [on August 13th] to make their own ode to feline friends by recording the iconic 30+-year-old jingle…For every jingle recorded, Meow Mix will donate 100 meals to the Food Bank of New York for cats in need.”

The spot above is only the first in a multi-genre series; next we’ll hear versions of the classic commercial composition from country artist J.R. Moore and a group called the Hipster Orchestra, which we hope will turn the Meow jam into a graceful waltz.

On a side note, did you realize that the song has a bridge?

Now here’s a premature Throwback Thursday clip:

Agency: FCB, Chicago, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Todd Tilford
Group Creative Director: Teddy Brown
Creative Director: Suzanna Bierwirth
Associate Creative Director: Tony Mavrelis
Senior Art Directors: Lauren Loehr, Dan Thorne
Group Management Director: Michelle Derderian
Account Director: Lindsay Tomek
Account Executive: Kate McGarrahan