Does Louisville Merit an NBA Team? Local Ad Agency Thinks So


By Kiran Aditham Comment

Well, as a pro hoops fan, this is kinda fun. Never mind the fact that Sacramento is pretty much losing its Kings to Seattle , which we think was unjustly stripped of its Sonics to begin with. Current360, an interactive marketing agency based in Louisville and Fort Lauderdale, is making a play to bring an NBA team to the former city, crowdsourcing a handful of logos in the process in the hopes that commissioner David Stern and crew will make KY fans’ dreams come true via the Kentucky Colonels.

Perhaps inspired by the folks behind “Kentucky Kicks Ass” or more likely the spirited words of Forbes sports business writer Darren Heitner, who’s still tweeting about it as we speak, Current360 agrees that Louisville is the “ideal home for a relocating NBA team.” Besides the Kings, we’re not sure who else is contemplating a move, but that’s neither here nor there. Let’s just enjoy some of the submissions including a raccoon and what appears to be Hank Williams Jr. What say you, commissioner Stern?