David Fincher Spots Expand on New W+K Gap Campaign


By Patrick Coffee Comment

The hottest story in the ad world today concerns the newly-released TV components of a campaign that had a few scratching their heads last week: W+K’s “Dress Normal” for new client Gap.

These ads, directed by David Fincher, add a bit of narrative heft to a campaign previously consisting of celebrities in everyday poses. The first one, “Golf”, elaborates on the “it’s OK if your clothes are a little boring” theme with a bit of spontaneously unconventional romance:

Three more and credits below.

“Drive” reminds us that the act of taking off one’s pants can be both overly dramatic and (shocker) kind of hot:

“Kiss” is the cleverest of the bunch, playing off the inherent awkwardness of an extended glimpse into moments of (supposed) intimacy with a moment of cheeky self-awareness.

It’s also far shorter and less cloyingly pretentious than “First Kiss” (though it almost certainly won’t match that video’s 90 million views):

Finally, “Stairs” shows how far a given man will go to reach his goal — no matter how “normal” her outfit happens to be.

We just hope the protagonist in that last one walks back down the stairs to retrieve his shirt. As “normal” as it may be, it still wasn’t free.

Media response to the campaign has, so far, been very positive. HuffPo calls it “better than most of the feature films released this month” while Vanity Fair says it’s “undeniably adorable” and Gap’s CMO tells Mashable that the campaign was designed to “sort of jump into the middle of the story, skipping the beginning and leaving out the end.”

Most important question: are these ads more believable than Fight Club?


TV SPOT: Golf, Drive, Kiss and Stairs


DURATION OF CAMPAIGN 9/1/14 – 11/1/14


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Creative Directors Stuart Jennings & Susan Hoffman
Copywriter Sheena Brady
Art Director Kim Haxton
Head of Content Production Nick Setounski
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