Damn, Our ‘Bro-File’ Apparently Could Use Some Slim Jim, Bro

By Kiran Aditham Comment

As you can see above, the folks at Slim Jim aren’t giving us the best results when it comes to “Male Spice Score,” which is the centerpiece of a new app from Venables Bell & Partners for the beef jerky brand called “Bro-File.” Yes, it’s another Facebook history-collecting effort that stars a guy who’s not a doctor (nor Zach Galifianakis) but plays one on the social network.  The doc gives you a virtual exam and will base your final “Spice Score” on criteria including having friends with strange names, checking into “cool” places and using, *sigh*, “brocabulary” words in your status updates.

The Facebook component, which is an extension of VB&P’s “Man Medicine” campaign for Slim Jim from last year, lets you get second opinions after adjusting your profile and earn your place on a Bro-File leaderboard. To be honest, we think we’re just fine with our score, thank you. Now, is it just us or does this remind you a bit of Amalgamated/Stink Digital’s “Social Life Audit” for Ultimat Vodka from last fall?