Creature’s Latest ‘Window’ Work: A Motion-Sensor-Triggered Mirror

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Now that Creature has offered its twist on window shopping during the holidays, the Seattle-based agency returns with another outdoor effort of sorts, which it’s dubbing “You Were Here.” Celebrating the clash between “vanity and voyeurism,” the shop has adorned its storefront window with what seems to be a two-way mirror not unlike one you’d see in any interrogation during a cop drama. Well, just as you’d imagine, Creature’s eyes are on you as well and by using two laptop-controlled cameras complete with motion-sensing programs, the agency captures the various passersby and posts the images to a Tumblr site.

As Creature explains, the goal of “You Were Here” is to not only gain attention from pedestrians, but play up the fact that many of those wandering by have no idea what the hell the agency does. We’re not sure if this somewhat invasive, but fun effort makes it any clearer, but enjoy the show if you’re in the neighborhood while it lasts.