BP and Ogilvy Amsterdam Follow Paralympic Athletes on Their Way to Rio

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If you’re anything like us, then you totally forgot that the Olympics will go down this summer in Rio de Janeiro, serving primarily to distract Americans from our latest shitty election.

Amazingly, we’d yet to see any Rio-themed ads in recent weeks until today, when we got the latest from Ogilvy Amsterdam. Client BP (yes, the very same) will be one of the games’ largest sponsors, which isn’t terribly surprising given the fact that the company is in the energy business and Brazil would very much like to become one of the world’s largest players in that particular field.

The new ad, though, is all about the not-so-little-guys: disabled athletes who will be competing in this year’s Paralympics in Brazil. The point is to focus on the lengths to which these people will go to even qualify and make an inspirational point about how being a successful athlete is all about motivation and effort rather than inherent skill, et cetera.

Most of the world is now familiar with competitive “blade runners” thanks to one Oscar Pistorius, and Dutch sprinter Marlou van Rhijn uses similar technology.

Not to take away from her considerable achievements, but check out this dog with two prosthetic front legs! Like, wow.

The full campaign will primarily appear on digital platforms in the Netherlands, and it allows viewers to follow van Rhijn and two other Paralympics athletes over the next few months as they “make their way” to the Rio games. There’s a Facebook page.

In the press release, BP explains why it chose to sponsor these athletes: universally positive press, of course. From PR/external affairs manager Jacoline Poldervaart: “They are a source of inspiration for all of us and BP is looking forward to contribute to the further development of this success.”

As Ogilvy Amsterdam CCO Darre van Dijk puts it, “The Paralympic campaign we developed with BP shows that the human spirit is the most powerful energy in the world. No matter if you are different.”

Here’s the full piece.

My Road to RioEen #bornathlete zit in ons allemaal. Topsport gaat namelijk verder dan het fysieke. Moed, ambitie, vastberadenheid en passie: that’s what sets you apart from the competition. Paralympische topatleten Jiske, Jetze en Marlou voelen dit als geen ander. Wij volgen hen in hun Road to Rio. Hit like and let the games begin! #myroadtorio

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Rob Voortman: Copywriter
Benjamin de Villiers: Art Director
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